Summer Reading: A Handmaid’s Tale

This is a summer of abrupt transition for EPIC. Several core members have graduated and moved away, Father Josh is moving up in the priestly world and becoming a rector in Federal Way, and we will be meeting our new curate (and college chaplain), Lindsay Ross-Hunt, this August. In the midst of these changes, the students who are around this summer are still meeting weekly to watch episodes of shows and reflect on how they connect to the religion, ethics, and our lives.

The 4th annual EPIC Summer Read Along isn’t a top priority, but we’re trying to squeeze it in. In the past 3 years, EPIC read A New Kind of Christian, Faithful Questions, and The Great Divorce. This year we’ve decided to buck tradition and read a secular book, one that looks critically at Christian culture and the direction it could go. We also aren’t necessarily going to be blogging the whole thing. There are only a few of us reading, so we’re planning on discussing it in person each week, then I may or may not summarize our thoughts on a post. Regardless, we’d love for you to read along! This week we’re going to read Sections I and II.

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