EPIC’s Fall Discussion Topics

I love fall quarter. I love the smell of crispy leaves (wherever they can be found in the Pacific Northwest) and the smell of new books. And I especially love meeting new people.

We’ve met a few new folks this quarter already, and they have helped us plot out EPIC’s fall discussion topics, as follows:

October 15. The Nature of God: How can we know what God is really like?

October 29. Church and State: What are the origins of the Episcopal Church in the U.S.? How should church and state be in relation to each other? Discussion hosted by students Emilie Han and Josh Shepherd.

November 5. Sexual Ethics: We have some. What are they? We talked about this a couple years ago, and you can read about that discussion here.

November 19. “Hate the sin, love the sinner”: Why is this a problematic phrase?

December 3. Topic TBD.

December 10. A very silly Christmas pageant, plus end-of-quarter wrap-up and party.

You can download a current calendar of all our upcoming events here.

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