The Great Divorce, Ch. 3

This summer, EPIC students are reading The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis and blogging about it together. The third post in our series comes from Emmanuel Gemora.

Emmanuel “Eli” Gemora

In this chapter, the mystical bus lands, the passengers exit, and their minds are expanded. The passengers realize they are not as real as they thought or the place they are in is more real than anything they have ever experienced.

This is an experience not unfamiliar to people (like me) who have experienced sensory overload or a dissociative state. It can be an alarming state to be in, but is also illuminating. You can be aware of the complex individuality in each small atom of existence, the large expanse of everything in existence, and also your own insignificance. If you also manage to ground yourself and do away with the alarm, you can see and understand more than you normally would. I have managed this at times when creating art, becoming aware of the vast array of colors possessed in a white wall.

In a less material – and more relatable – sense, we can also experience this when we are gaining knowledge. We can have an idea of Christianity, then as we begin experiencing it, learning about it, and having fellowship, we begin to see that everything is much bigger than we could even comprehend.

Like the passengers on the bus, we may have excitedly shoved our way out into a Christian existence, only to get scared back onto the bus or overwhelmed into a frozen state. Maybe we started trying to do things we weren’t yet ready for, had grander expectations than were accurate. Either way, let’s huddle together with the remaining bus passengers and see what happens when you stick around in a grander reality.

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