EPIC’s Winter Quarter Schedule

episcopal-shieldPlease join us from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. most Sunday nights for our regular EPIC meetings. During the winter 2017 quarter, our theme is, “What is Episcopal theology?”

The Episcopal Church is hardly alone in most of its beliefs. In some ways, we’re like Roman Catholics; in others, we’re quite Protestant. It’s our specific mix of beliefs and practices that makes us Anglican (as seen from a worldwide perspective) or Episcopal (as we call the church that is made up mostly of congregations in the United States). We’ll learn this winter about where we fall on the spectrum of Christianity from a lot of different viewpoints.

January 8: We believe in God. The Episcopal Church is one of many churches firmly rooted in the Christian family tree. What is our place in that family? How did we get here? What are the most basic Christian beliefs that we share with most other Christians? Come learn some orthodoxy.

January 15: We love and follow Jesus Christ. The Episcopal Church sees Jesus as God’s Son and as God’s very self. How can this be? Come learn some Christology.

January 22: TAIZE PRAYER (5:00 at St. Paul’s) and dinner at the home of St. Paul’s parishioner Laurel Cook.

January 29: We live in the real world. We see sacraments as real-world situations in which God is acting, and we see science as a helpful tool for revealing God’s world to us. Come learn some applied theology.

February 5: We find comfort and strength in ritual. We find God in the Church, and we understand that Christians participate in community together even when we don’t agree on things. Come learn some liturgy.

February 12: We are still becoming. “What we will be has not yet been revealed …” (1 John 3:2) We love to learn, but we try to remain humble as we acknowledge that we’ll never have all the answers, and that even if we did, it wouldn’t necessarily make us better people. Come learn some eschatology.

The quarter will end with a few special events, as follows.

February 19: FIELD TRIP to St. Mark’s Cathedral for Compline.
February 26: TAIZE PRAYER and dinner at the home of St. Paul’s parishioner Loie Haggen.
March 3-5: WINTER RETREAT at St. Paul’s. Theme: My Rule of Life.

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