The Beginning Is Near

Holy Eucharist on Campus Thursday, December 1, 8:00 p.m. (VU 567)

There’s a lot of fear in the world and in our nation right now. Our president-elect has selected a white supremacist sympathizer as his chief strategist, and this is not OK. Steve Bannon’s appointment must be vociferously opposed by all Americans of conscience, no matter whom they voted for. We all have work to do, calling our senators and representatives, perhaps protesting, perhaps boycotting. It will be exhausting. In the meantime, life doesn’t stop in any other way. Students must go to classes, write papers, and take exams.

breadwinesketchIf you’re feeling overwhelmed, EPIC is here to help, at least a little bit. Take a break from the anxiety of the world and of your studies to join us for a simple service of Holy Eucharist, the standard worship service of the Episcopal Church: Thursday of Dead Week, December 1, at 8:00 p.m. in Viking Union, room 567.

Advent is the first season of the Christian year. While secular America launches into an extended holiday season, we Episcopalians try not to get sucked into the Christmas Industrial Complex quite yet. The time of Christmas joy will come, and when it does come, it will last twelve days (the evening of December 24 through the evening of January 5). But not yet … not yet.

Advent is a time of waiting and of preparation. Part of that preparation involves accurate assessment of ourselves and of our world, and in church we hear the words of the prophets. The prophets of old were those who were not afraid to speak God’s truth to those who would rather not hear it. We need to know what we’re dealing with if we’re going to make it better.

Christians embrace the wild idea that the God who created all things loves us and wants to be with us so much that God became one of us. Advent prepares us to come close to the mystery of Christmas, the time of the “incarnation” — the enfleshment — of Jesus Christ.

Advent is a hopeful season. If you seek hope right now, come join us. Everyone is welcome—no strings attached. Questions? Contact EPIC intern Becky Gregg or EPIC chaplain Josh Hosler.


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