Where Do I Go From Here?

What are we supposed to do with what we have learned? How do I use my new tools, especially as the new intern for a college ministry group? There is no clear answer. The “big idea” is that you accept Jesus Christ, and that you are open to exploring your faith. Again, there is no straight shooter here. Accepting and exploring mean different things to different people. Nonetheless, there is a journey for everyone, and I get to use the tool of this internship to deepen my own faith!

What we need to do first is realize where we came from. Where were we before we started this journey of questioning our faith? How did that alter my path in finding my faith?  Understanding our roots is essential to explaining our present and determining our future.  It’s amazing to realize that it is necessary to ask questions to deepen our faith, and that asking questions is a lifelong process. No one has all the answers. We are all the same child in God’s eyes.

The next question is where do we go next? You have just climbed an enormous mountain deciding to ask questions and dig into what your version of ‘faith’ is, and now it’s time for the next step forward. Be like Abraham and trust God will keep you safe and provide for you. Just have a tiny amount of faith and you will prosper for a hell of a lot longer than you would without any. As an intern in a position that did not exist before this fall, I have realized that a small amount of faith has gotten me to achieve and accomplish many of my goals for the group.

As we take this crazy journey, we also have to know that we have wonderful people in our corner! People who want to see us succeed!  We have a strong faith committee. EPIC is in the corner of anyone asking questions, including myself, and that has always been so wonderful to witness. EPIC loves to give opportunities to learn and think.  We get the opportunity to get our hands dirty, throw ‘taboo’ out of the window, in order to truly help people!  Where do you go from here? Anywhere and Everywhere!

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