EPIC Summer Blog: Faithful Questions

Campus ministry is largely about building community. We come from various backgrounds and profess various levels of commitment to the church and various understandings of what Christianity is and what it is for. But whatever else we may do in the context of exploring the Christian faith together, we are all about building friendships and learning skills for doing so.

One year ago, as the school year ended and students went their separate ways, we committed to stick together all summer in one key way: We read a book together and blogged about it. That was such a positive experience for the students that it is back by popular demand.

Faithful Questions 2016-06A few weeks ago, several EPIC members were exploring the bookshelves in my office and picked out the book Faithful Questions: Exploring the Way with Jesus by Scott Gunn & Melody Wilson Shobe. This is a book that I myself have not read, nor do I remember how it came into my possession. And that’s why I’m excited to read it alongside the members of EPIC. Several students have purchased copies. Maybe you’d like to do so, too, either because you’re a student who wants to blog with us, or because you’re a non-student who just wants to share the experience.

I commend this book to your slow, careful, summer reading. It is brief and accessible. I also recommend purchasing a copy directly from Forward Movement, even if it costs a little more than it would on Amazon. (Students: if cost is an issue, please email me the receipt for reimbursement.)

If you are a current or recently graduated student and would like to blog about a portion of this book, please contact me. Thanks … and watch this space all summer for our students’ thoughts on exploring the way with Jesus.

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