Images of God: EPIC Fall retreat 2015

Friday-Sunday, October 16-18
Mt. Baker Lodging, Glacier, WA

Images of God montage“No one has ever seen God.” So says the Gospel of John. Is this your experience, too? If so, how have you experienced God? Can certain attributes of God be observed by human beings? This weekend we’ll explore and share our own images of God, where they come from, and how they affect our images of others and of ourselves, as well as our relationship with God. We’ll take time to explore these images in creative ways. Hopefully, you’ll come away rested, refreshed, with new and deepened friendships, and with a fuller sense of your spiritual life.

Join the Rev. Marsha Vollkommer, myself, and lots of other students on this fun-filled and important weekend, free of charge. We’ll leave after everybody’s Friday classes are over; we’ll pick people up at various places and head out from there.

Concerned about your homework load? We’ll make a specific homework time in the course of the weekend. We’ll also save some outdoor time and lots of time for our theme as well. In addition, we intend to be home around lunchtime on Sunday, so you’ll have even more time for homework after that.

It’s important for us to know who’s coming so we can provide enough food and vehicles. Please do come with us, and please do RSVP to me as soon as you can. – Josh

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