This Sunday: The Gospel according to Luke

Saint_Luke_the_Evangelist_-_iconThis Sunday evening, October 4, we will hold our first regular EPIC meeting at 6:30 p.m. in Viking Union, room 462A. Our plan is to welcome newcomers, to get to know each other a bit, and to share high and low points of our week.

We’ll also begin our first Bible project of the quarter: the Gospel of Luke. The four Gospels are four different takes on the life of Jesus. I like to imagine them as four different recordings of the same song:

MATTHEW: Acoustic Version
MARK: Live Version
LUKE: Radio Version
JOHN: Extended Dance Remix

So we’ll be looking at the Gospel that was written for the masses—Gentiles as well as Jews, people from all different countries—Good News for the entire world! We’ll read chapters out loud, take note of our questions, and then save some time to begin to unpack those questions. It’ll probably take us two or three weeks to finish Luke’s Gospel.

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