A New Kind of Christian: Where The Cross Meets The Dream Catcher

Tommy Tubbs

This chapter starts with Dan writing in his journal about Neo’s discussion about different historical eras, and their relationship to Christianity. Dan writes how Christianity in its current state is modern even if one wouldn’t normally think of it as modern.  As an example of how modern Christianity has become, Dan writes about the phrase “God is in control.” Our definition of the word control has been shaped by the modern world, as one who lives in a world full of advanced machines such as computers and cars would have a different definition of control than someone who lived in the premodern era. He even notes how modern the phrase is, as the word “control” doesn’t appear in the King James Version of the Bible.

The chapter ends with Dan reflecting on a Christian education conference he attended. Someone in attendance expressed his discomfort after seeing a car that had both a cross and a Native American dream catcher hanging from the rear view mirror, citing this as an example of a “pagan revival.” Dan responded by claiming that the dream catcher doesn’t necessarily mean a rejection of Christianity. Rather, the owner added the dream catcher because it represents a more mystical element, perhaps something they feel is missing from modern Christianity.  That is a point that really resonated with me, as I do think some of the more spiritual aspects of Christianity are lost on a lot of people.

What are some elements of Christianity that you feel are spiritual and mystical? What can we learn about our faith by looking at it through a more spiritual lens?

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