A New Kind of Christian: Entering That Awkward Age

Elysia Gemora
Elysia Gemora

Chapter two of A New Kind of Christian explores the metaphorical puberty that individuals and cultures experience as they grow. For the main character, he is growing in his religious ideals. For our culture, we are moving from modernity to post-modernity. And just as it was when we were moving from childhood to adulthood, the process is long, awkward, and painful. We find ourselves clinging to our previous state, fearful of the vast unknown that awaits us.

In this pubescent time we fail to recognize the possibilities, we struggle to appreciate that the next stage is one that is fresh and mature.

The introduction of this book summarized it ingeniously. We feel as though we are standing at a precipice. We have been pushed to the edge and we can either stand there with no room in a place we no longer feel comfortable or we can end it all. But, as the book points out, there is another option. You can go down the precipice, see what’s down the rabbit hole. Stated in an extreme, “If I could seriously ponder ending my life, then I can do anything. I can change anything in my life.”

As a culture and as individuals, we have had and will continue to have these pubescent moments. And while it is natural to be scared or sad about it, we should remember that it is an adventurous time for endless possibilities. Yes, you are dying to an old way of life, but you are building something new from it. Be excited to meet the new you.

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